Flexographic Press Operator/Helper

  • Pacific Flexible Solutions
  • Santa Ana, CA, USA
  • Jun 12, 2019
Full time Press Operator Skilled Labor

Job Description

Perform a wide variety of manual and mechanical duties to set up and operate a flexographic Cl printing press running complex multi color jobs.

Duties include: determining job requirements, setting up and operating press, change overs, routine press maintenance, and other similar duties pertaining to multi color press operations.

Duties require verbal communications skills, good color vision, visual acuity to written material as well as machine set up and product details, physical ability to move and lift various weights and to work around machinery, and manual coordination and dexterity in the use of basic hand tools. 

Key Responsibilities:

Follow all established safety rules and regulations and utilize required safety equipment.

Report malfunctioning equipment or other unsafe conditions to appropriate personnel.

Maintain work area in a clean and orderly condition.

Set up flexographic Cl press running complex multi color and "process printing" jobs.

Read "job order'' to obtain job details and specifications.

Select required plate sleeves, inspect and install into the appropriate deck on the press.

Inspect and install anilox rolls as required.

Select, load and web required film stock.

Obtain required inks and pump into appropriate stations.

Align anilox and plate sleeves to achieve proper ink application.

Make required adjustments to achieve proper registration, web tension and centering on rolls.

Review and approve set ups performed by helper.

Adjust process orders to densities and definition to match kodaks or pre-press proofs.

Check treat, opacity to required specs.

Operate press to produce required product.

Operate press to obtain even and proper ink distribution and take sample of product.

Obtain approval of press set up and color/printed image from appropriate supervisory personnel.

Record data on QC sheets for each job.

Bring press up to operating speed and begin production run.

Monitor press operation, print quality, dot gain, color fade and/or movement, registration, etc. making any adjustments as required.

Approve periodic ink viscosity checks performed by helper.

Change rolls of film stock as necessary.

Wind finished product onto cores to specified footages, changing cores as required.

Take samples from each finished roll and compare with approved sample.

Maintain press with the aid of assigned assistant.

Back out the deck at end of run.

Wash ink station and distribution equipment as well as press as needed.

Remove plate and anilox sleeves as required.

Examine anilox roll and determine if it is OK for further use or for replacement/rework needs, and notify appropriate personnel.

Record necessary production data.

Enter all required information into "Radius" computer system.

Prepare daily job sheet.

Perform other similar duties as required or as requested by supervisor


Excellent vision and color acuity

Must be detailed oriented

Possess organizational skills

Work well under time constraints

Must be team player.

Physical Requirements: 

Intermittently stand and move for approx. 8-10 hours per day

Periodically lift up to 75 pounds

Hand dexterity

Color Vision acuity

Typical environment of manufacturing and production facilities. Exposure includes but is not limited to continuous noise, scent of materials, bright work stations, machinery with moving parts.

Experience Required

2 + years Flexographic press experience a plus

Able to work with computers

Education Required