Gateway Packaging Company

Gateway Packaging was founded in 1982, but our historical roots trace back to the earliest days of commercial packaging. The Percy Kent Bag Company was acquired by Gateway in 2000, bringing with it a heritage that dates to 1885 when Percy Kent began producing jute burlap bags as an innovative replacement for the bulky wooden barrels that carried flour, sugar, and commercial feed to a growing nation.

Gateway Packaging maintains a strong commitment to driving positive change through our organization. Our Continuous Improvement Team focuses on Lean Manufacturing initiatives that promote consistent quality, increase efficiency, and eliminate waste in all systems within the company.

Our technologies and printing capabilities are world class, elevating your packaging to a new level of quality and shelf appeal. We offer a full range of paper, film and foil structures to ensure the integrity and protection of your products. Gateway Packaging offers a “one-stop” approach that will allow you to purchase a variety of packaging solutions.