Pacific Flexible Solutions

PacFlex’s History:

Stemming from our parent company, Blower Dempsay Corporation, Pacific Flexible Solutions (or PacFlex) was formed in 2004 to specialize in direct food packaging. Through forward thinking and an entrepreneurial vision of how to contribute to this ever-growing market, PacFlex began aligning itself to provide any and all direct food contact films and containers needed by the industry.


At PacFlex, our main goal is to be a provider of solutions. Every day our customers encounter situations that cannot be solved with “stock” solutions—however, when other companies are approached with the task of finding those answers, they try to force the situation into their cookie-cutter solution leaving bits and pieces out, not truly satisfying the situation. Not PacFlex. We commit ourselves to finding out what your key issues and concerns are and build a custom packaging solution around them to make sure that the concerns are put on us and you can focus on what you do best: your core competencies.