Grooming Your Presence in this Flexo Job Seeking Game by Frank Burgos

Grooming Your Presence in this Flexo Job Seeking Game by Frank Burgos

Hi Folks,

I’m glad to see FlexoJobs going again after launching our new platform. We hope you like it.

I thought I’d use this blog to occasionally share my thoughts on employment-related stuff. Here goes my first try!

Besides a profile here on FlexoJobs, I also have a LinkedIn profile where I offer my services to the industry. On LinkedIn, I am seeing more flexo press operators. That’s very cool.

As a fellow job seeker, I find that having a LinkedIn profile is critical. Employers are likely to look for our LinkedIn accounts. They probably HAVE LinkedIn accounts!

I recently did some cleaning up of my own LinkedIn profile. There's a lot of advice out there about doing it. I filled out every section I could. I uploaded a current picture of myself. I checked my privacy settings. I did a bunch of little things to make it look as professional and appropriate for my market as I could. I looked at every setting and gave it careful consideration. I strongly suggest that all of you do the same.

Of course, I also want you to keep being a member of FlexoJobs and invite your flexo colleagues and friends to join us. At FlexoJobs, we’re dedicated to the flexo industry and are happy to provide you with a platform where, unlike LinkedIn, the only thing prospective employers are every going to see is folks related to the flexo industry. And that is very cool, too.