Welcome to the NEW!

Welcome to the NEW!

Well, we are SO excited! I know the old was languishing. First, our web host changed servers and killed our Resume Submission Form. I tried everything I could think of, I badgered our web host's technical support people almost to the point of tears and got absolutely nowhere. Then, our email began having issues. It was time for a change! So, we changed web hosts and, in honor of our 20th Anniversary online, we have been hard at work implementing an entirely refreshed, updated and much improved - and this is it!

Remember how frustrating it was to search through candidates before? No? You can't remember searching for candidates before? That's right! We did not have a way for you to do that before. You had to scroll a long list of potential candidates, narrow it down by state or experience level and then start clicking and reading and hoping you found the right one. We are so sorry for putting you through that all these years. That was borderline cruel. We have changed our evil ways! You can now search for jobs OR candidates by keyword, location, job category, and more. Tears of joy, right?!

ALSO, employers can now contact job seekers directly! Employers will see job seekers full resumes along with work history and contact information. Job seekers can apply directly to the employer right from the job post. In addition, we have a brand-new Facebook page for where jobs posted here will ALSO BE ON FACEBOOK, automatically and at no extra charge! Visit us on Facebook at:

So, what to do first?? FIRST, whether you are a Job Seeker or an Employer, please register here.

If you are a Job Seeker, once you have registered you'll be taken to a form where you can input some basic info and upload your full resume. If you don't have a resume, you can create one here! Just fill out the Work Experience form and post. If you have a LinkedIn profile, it's even easier! Sign in with your LinkedIn profile and much of the info on LinkedIn will be automatically transferred to your profile here, including your photo.

Employers can create a Company Profile and upload a logo, too! If you want to Post a Job or view the resumes, though, you'll need to purchase an account. Just click on the "Post a Job" link at the top of the page to purchase. Once your job has been posted on, it will automatically be added to our FaceBook page, so your job post can be seen by anyone searching on FaceBook for a flexo job.

I'm sure we'll be implementing lots of cool and helpful features as we learn more about what our new website can do, so stay tuned! You'll want to subscribe to our blog here so you can be kept up-to-date on the new developments as we roll them out. 

Thank you for being so patient with us over the years if you are a long-time FlexoExchange visitor. You've seen us grow A LOT in 20 years! If you are brand-new to and, then you are got to skip all the early growing pains and take advantage of our 20 years of experience online. We hope you'll stick around for the next 20 years!