About Us

Connecting Flexo Printers & Job Seekers Online since 1997

FlexoJobs.com began, twenty years ago, along with FlexoExchange.com.  Both were born of a desire to create a place, specifically for flexographic printers, on the Internet. Twenty years ago, there weren't many of those! 

Today, FlexoJobs.com strives to be the first place both employers and employees go when starting a job search or when the need to hire a pressman or a plant manager arises.

We've provided tools for HR managers to search for and contact and/or interview and qualify potential candidates. Job seekers are able to post as much or as little information as they choose, and can sign up for Job Alerts to be notified when a job they might be interested in is posted.

We welcome your feedback on how we can improve FlexoJobs.com!

Please submit your comments and/or suggestions by email. 
Send to:  employment@flexoexchange.com